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PoE-820 is a full-PoE fanless design switch. It supports up to 8 ports at 15.4 W, or 4 ports at 30 W to meet the increasing power demands of users. The PoE standard with total PoE power budget of 125W and
useful PoE power management features.

The switch provides high performance, enterprise-level QoS (Quality of Service), useful security strategies and rich layer 2 management features, such as Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) provides load balancing and fault tolerance for uplink connections, 802.1Q VLAN reduces broadcast traffic and increases LAN security and
performance, Access Control Lists (ACLs) restricts access to sensitive network resources, Storm Control and DHCP snooping provides a small or medium-sized business with a network that is geared for growth while ensuring performance stability and reliability.

A compact and flexible design can easily to help resolve power supply problem of deploy surveillance cameras and wireless access points. It’s also design by the best green-saving technologies (IEEE 802.3az and Green-Ethernet). When network traffic is low, it would automatically decrease power usage.

The PoE-820 switch also can be integrated with Handlink’s Access Controller System for mass APs Installation and Management. The mapping function from ACS can help searching MAC address of Handlink’s APs automatically to reduce the working process of SI. It also can remote each ports of power switch to reset failure of Handlink APs to decrease internet connection problem. The PoE-820 Switch is an efficient and cost-effective to complete Handlink SMB
Wi-Fi Solution.


  • Support IEEE 802.3af/802.3at Standard PoE
  • Supports L2 static routing to group different network segments and increase user flexibility. Helps you set simple routes for control of your network resources.
  • ƒDynamic VLAN Assignment automatically assigns the same port to different VLANs to increase user convenience.
  • ƒIGMP and MLD Snooping IGMP/MLD snooping manages multicast streams to ensure high-quality, smooth
  • Supports multiple security features, such as ACLs, storm control, 802.1X, port security, MAC filters, IP source guard, and AAA.
  • supports 8 hardware queues, port-based QoS (IPv4/IPv6 DSCP), and DiffServ features to provide optimal real-time services.
  • Auto Voice/Surveillance VLANs supports automatic voice and surveillance VLANs, providing VoIP and IP cameras the optimum network traffi c usage.
  • Supports ƒDDOS Protection to avoidng hacker attacks on your network