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HOTEL WiFi Solution

Deploy Rapidly, Secure and Energy Saving!

The future trends, the skyrocketing rise in the number of smart phones in use, but many hotel rooms only provide wired Internet service. Once guests and roomers they need to use smart phone or tablet pc to access WiFi Internet in hotel rooms and bedrooms, how can you satisfy their need? Traditionally, you may put access points in the ceiling, pull new wirings and destroy interior decoration laboriously.

Our HOTEL WiFi solution saves your WiFi deployment cost that can reuse the existing network infrastructure, only replace the wired Internet socket, and be deployed rapidly in every room. The energy saving's solution doesn't need to pull new wirings for WiFi Internet installation, avoids channels conflict as its lowest RF output is adjustable to match every room and it enhances security when connecting to the Internet.

The valued-added solution can integrated with PMS system that provides you the hotel room Internet billing service.

Hotel, MDU and Dormitory

All in one hotel room Internet access provides secure WiFi access point, Ethernet cable and phone line connections in the hotel room. WAP-001 In Wall Access Point, ISS-7000 v2 Internet Subscriber Server and Access Controller optional software can work for building the in-room wireless and wired Internet Billing service in the medium to large sized hotel. The remote access control software saves the service effort that IT staff deploys the WAP-001 in different rooms, sets up different IP addresses, ESSID and manages each room’s WAP-001 device at the same time. They can remotely add, set up and delete WAP-001 using the access controller software. We also have successful stories: Sheraton Taipei Hotel and Landis Taipei Hotel.

Bed & Breakfast and Apartment

The powerful WiFi hotspot network service provides unsurpassed wireless high speed and allows guests to enjoy 3.5 times faster in every room. The valued-added solution can integrated with thermal printer that provides you the room WiFi billing service.

Youth Hostel

24 hours WiFi self-service save your labor cost to manage and provide guests WiFi service in the lobby and hotel room. The valued-added solution provides you the room WiFi billing service.


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